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PAPERWORKS at Gallery Gary Giordano

PAPERWORKS The September 8 show 9/8/17 - 9/30/17 Gallery hour; Fri-Sun, 12-5pm Opening Reception: 9/8/17, Friday, 6pm - Gallery Gary Giordano 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY

I am happy to show my paper work with local experienced artists include: Paul Behnke, Ethan Boisvert, Chris D'Acunto, Debra Drexler, Jeff Evans, Rafael Fuchs, Art Guerra, Bill Page, Lester Rapaport, Lauryn Welch, Lee White. I will be at Opening reception between 7 - 8pm. I am looking forward to meeting you there.

In this painting, I draw one circle in one stroke with Chinese color sumi ink on Washi (rice paper). Influenced by Enso (Circle in Zen), I draw circles not dots.

The shape symbolizes life, sun, light, spirit, peace, infinity, interminable, perfection, and continuance for me.

Enso (円相):

The enso symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). Drawing enso is a disciplined-creative practice of Japanese ink painting – sumi-e.

Zen practitioners relate the idea to wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection. When the circle is close, it represents perfection, akin to Plato’s perfect form, the reason why the circle was used for centuries in the construction of cosmological models.

Once the enso is drawi, one does not change it. It evidences the character of its creator and the context of its creation in a brief, contiguous period of time.

Drawing enso is a spiritual practice that one might perform as often as once per day. Souce: Wikipedia

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