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Abstract Painting

Born and raised in the serene countryside of Japan, where mountains, green tea fields, and the vast Pacific Ocean were my everyday companions, my art is an expression of the organic beauty that surrounded me. Nature has always been my muse, influencing my creations with its subtle nuances and life's intricate patterns.

In my abstract paintings, I strive to capture the essence of natural elements and life experiences that shaped my upbringing. Utilizing acrylic or oil on canvas, I transform memories into simple geometric shapes - circles and lines. These forms serve as a visual language, translating the profound impact of my environment onto the canvas.

Notably, circles play a significant role in my work, drawing inspiration from the Zen concept of Enso. For me, the circle symbolizes life, the sun, light, spirit, peace, infinity, interminability, perfection, and continuance. Each stroke within the circle tells a story, reflecting the interconnectedness of my experiences and the enduring influence of my roots in the Japanese countryside.

My abstract landscapes invite viewers to delve into the essence of nature and life, where geometric shapes and vivid colors convey the depth of my personal journey and the timeless beauty of the world that shaped me.

Realistic Painting / Portrait

In the wake of the pandemic, my artistic exploration has taken a profound turn toward the human condition and the intricate tapestry of life itself. Fueled by a deep curiosity for humanity, my recent works, particularly "Japanese Guardian Lion" and "Fro Lisa," serve as reflections of personalities entwined with both portraiture and the animal kingdom.

This exploration has led me to delve into the rich tradition of European oil painting, drawing inspiration from masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, and Hieronymus Bosch. Their timeless techniques and profound insights into the human experience have left an indelible mark on my artistic journey.

Simultaneously, my appreciation for the artistry of Kuniyoshi Utagawa, a renowned Japanese woodblock print artist, has added a unique dimension to my work. The merging of Eastern and Western influences is evident in my compositions, creating a bridge between different artistic traditions and reflecting the interconnectedness of the global human experience.

Through my realistic paintings, I aim to navigate the complexities of our shared existence, portraying not only the individuality of each subject but also the universal aspects that bind us together. As we collectively grapple with the challenges of our times, my art seeks to serve as a contemplative space, inviting viewers to reflect on the intricacies of being human.


In my installations, I embark on a creative journey that transcends traditional boundaries, merging diverse mediums such as delicate eggshells, ethereal washi (rice) paper, and organic found objects like sticks. This eclectic combination allows me to weave narratives that blur the lines between fragility and resilience, tradition and innovation.

The interplay of eggshells symbolizes both vulnerability and rebirth, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of life. Washi paper, with its inherent textures and translucency, adds layers of depth and cultural resonance, fostering a dialogue between artistic expression and heritage.

Incorporating found objects, such as sticks, serves as a nod to the natural world and the beauty found in unexpected places. It introduces an element of randomness and unpredictability, encouraging viewers to explore the installation from various perspectives and discover new meanings within the assemblage.

Moreover, my uniform project introduces a unique dimension to the installations by utilizing uniforms sourced from Afghanistan. It becomes a bearing witness to the lived experiences of individuals and the stories embedded in the fabric. This uniform project transcends borders, offering a visual dialogue that speaks to shared humanity and interconnected narratives.

Through these installations, I aim to create immersive environments that invite reflection, spark curiosity, and foster a profound connection between diverse elements. The result is a harmonious interplay of mediums and cultural symbols that provoke thought and evoke emotions, ultimately transforming spaces into dynamic and contemplative artistic experiences.

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