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Stardust in Cebu

On July 10, New York-based Japanese artist Sophia Chizuco opens "Stardust" at lobby of Radisson Blu Cebu. "Stardust" is an exhilarating visual adventure: discovering, and embracing all the rich symbolisms of the circle. For Chizuco, “the circle is the most peaceful shape.” That she would connect expressively with this most meditative shape should come as no surprise. She was born and raised in the countryside of Japan surrounded by mountains, green tea fields and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, she is the daughter of a microbiologist whose work it is to study and contemplate the cosmos of living organisms. By sheer instinct, Chizuco naturally felt the sensations of a shape breathing with life. "Stardust" will continue to show at the Radisson Blu Cebu hotel from July 10 - 30. For more information, visit

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