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KODAMA - Spirit of The Tree

KODAMA - Spirit of The Tree- curated by Sophia Chizuco Reception & performance: February 4th, 6-8pm Continues: Feb. 4th - Feb 24h, 2017 Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, Noon-6pm (Closed on National Holidays) Venue: Brooklyn Art Cluster / The Cluster Gallery 200 6th Street 3E, Brooklyn, NY 11215 Phone: +1.929.337.8472

Kodama (spirit of the tree) is an exhibition examining the relationships between human beings and nature featuring work by Sophia Chizuco, Kurt Steger, Paulapart and featuring a performance with Lizzy Zevallos (dancer). For Kodama, artists will create a landscape through a combination of sculpture, sound and a performance to question how humans engage with nature and how nature responds to our behavior. The curator’s Japanese heritage led to an interest in Kodama, a compound of the Japanese words for tree (ko) and spirit (dama). By tradition, spirits inhabit old trees. If one attempts to cut it down, he would become cursed according to Japanese folklore. The phenomenon known as yamabiko, when sounds make a delayed echoing effect in mountains and valleys, is sometimes attributed to this kind of spirit, and may also be referred to as kodama.

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