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March 18 – May 3, 2021

Unprecedented is a group exhibition of works which reflect a response to a year

marked by extraordinary change during unique times.

The works presented by, Sophia Chizuco, Elena Chestnykh, Johanna Furst, Mark Rosenthal, Bill

Leech, Alice Zinnes, Robert Zurer, Bill Page, and Gary Giordano, reflect a response

to a pandemic not seen in a century and a cultural revolution of change through

protest and civil unrest.

This Virtual Exhibition on Artsy Gallery Gary Giordano runs March 18, 2021

through May 2, 2021

About the exhibition:

2020 is one in which we all experienced significant changes to our daily lives. Our

normal routines altered, our lives were turned upside down and things were not

the same. We began to experience a new normal. For the Artist, the changes

affected their lives in unique ways. Exhibition and gallery spaces were closed and

no longer available. This eliminated the opportunity for them to present their

work. Studios had been closed and artists were denied entry to access their art.

Incomes were disrupted, artists could longer afford workspace. Artists also

found themselves completely cut off from social relationships and left to spend

significant amounts of time alone in isolation. Once bustling streets filled with

energy and inspiration, became empty and desolate.

Simultaneously, our country experienced a cultural revolution brought on by

those who would no longer tolerate a system that perpetuated racial inequity and

gender prejudice. A system which excluded groups from participating in

opportunities available to others. These groups spoke out in a voice of protest for

justice. The demonstrations were met with militarized enforcement intending to

silence and suppress them. Often this would erupt into violence, and this was

played out in the non-privileged neighborhoods. These same neighborhoods

where artists set up studios.

The paintings in Unprecedented deal with emotions of fear, anxiety, and those

accompanied by isolation and solitude. They address issues of anxiety of dealing

with the unknown. They examine sexuality and identity and the trauma

experienced though lack of touch and contact. The paintings also examine

systemic inequality and an understanding and awareness towards social justice.


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