Medium: mixed media, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain,  glazed white stone clay, plastic miniature model, color plastic sheets, marble chips, shell, stone, round display table (glass, metal)

Size: 20” dia, H 26.5”

Year: 2021


Under the pandemic, I’ve been frustrated by isolation and anxiety like others. I missed meeting and talking to friends in person. Fortunately, I have been able to come to my tiny studio. But it was difficult to create a large scale of works. Those circumstances brought me to create a small imaginary park.

This park is for little people. There are a pond, river, woods and hills. From side view, visitors can see it through green trees. Also there are unique ceramic and porcelain sculptures; frog, tadpole, koi fish, rabbit, snake, cow, lily pad, plants. The little people can hang out, meet friends and enjoy the public art.

felicitous park for Little people, Summer 2021

SKU: I-2021-1